Brewery in Hungary offers free beer to anyone who adopts dog from local shelter – Feb 2017 – Hungary

A brewery in Budapest is offering it’s customers a very unique and appealing offer.

Customised crates of beer are being offered to individuals who adopt animals from a local shelter. The brewery owner came up with the idea to promote awareness and incentivise the apotion of stray dogs.

A spokesperson from the shelter has spoken positively about the idea, and the novelty of the campaign.

Do you think the campaign will work? Would you be more likely to adopt a shelter pet, with the promise of beer?

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“4 charts Bill Gates loves because they prove the world is getting better” – Feb 2017 – World

In an increasingly ocularcentric world, the power of the visual to tell a story is being increasingly utilised.

On a daily basis we are bombarded by a variety of graphs, tables, pictures and videos all trying to tell us a very particular story or message.

Bill Gates has synthesised all these images down to four core graphs, which he believe show that the world is getting better. More hospitable, better health and increased equality. All of the graphs shown in the article tell an important and different story about our current state of affairs.

Which of the graphs is your favourite? We here at Cheerful News have some different graphs that would make our top 4. What are yours?

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“Life expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030”

Cheerful-News-Blog-Life-Expectancy – Feb 2017 – World

A recent study by Imperial College London and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that South Korean Women will be the first to brake the average life expectancy of 90, by as soon as 2030.

The report analysed data from 35 industrialised countries for both men and women. Although women still will have higher life expectancies, the report found that the gap is closing.

One of the stand out findings of the report is that the USA is one of the worst performers against the measured metrics. By 2030, the USA is predicted to have the lowest life expectancy of the rich countries.

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Community rallies to get new bike for man with autism – Feb 2017 – USA

Community members of Georgetown Township have rallied together to help a local known fondly as the “Sidewalk Singer”.

The Sidewalk Singer (JB West) has autism, and relies on his bike as a principle mode of transportation. This bike was recently stolen leaving Mr.West at a loss.

Upon hearing the tragic news, a GoFundMe page was started for the local celebrity, which has currently raised upwards of $4,500.

The generous offering from the community means that not onlt does JB now have enough money for a new bike, but all the excess cash can be put in an account for repairs and upgrades.

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