Elderly woman finds rare Jane Austen £5 note worth £50,000 and pledges to donate money to help young people


Independent.co.uk – Feb 2017 – UK

An elderly woman has found a special £5 note worth £50,000.

You may be thinking, ‘yes, this is nice. What a lucky lady, good for her’. However, it is the ladies altruistic pledge that really makes this story a great read.

The lady in question, who asked to remain nameless, has promised to donate the proceeds from the sale of the note to help young people in need. The lady selflessy noted that she did not need the money at this time of her life, and felt it could be used for better causes.

And there is further good news. There is still one of these precious notes in circulation. So, in much the same manner as Charlie and his golden ticket, keep your eyes peeled for note number ‘AM 32 885554’.

We here at Cheerful News wish you happy hunting readers!

To read the story in full, please follow the reference title above.


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