Free Cakes for Kids – Bristol – Mar 2017 – UK

Todays post is a little different. Rather than promoting a positive news story, we are going to tell you about a company with a great focus at it’s heart.

‘Free Cakes For Kids’ is a community service for families who find it difficult to provide a bristhday cake for their kids.

Cakes are made by local baking enthusiasts to the stlye and desired design of the children. Each of the bakers are volunteers and provide cakes sheerly out of their own pure enjoyment of the craft and altruism. Even the ingredients are paid for by the volunteers.

The company works to match these amateur bakers with children and families in need of a little help.

As the website says, a birthday cake is a special thing. It is individual, and makes the recipient feel special and loved. ‘Free Cake for Kids’ are looking to make a difference – one cake at a time.

It should be noted that this is just one branch of the ‘Free Cake for Kids’ network. Have a look online to find your closest branch and get baking!

To read more about the company and to get in touch, click on the reference title above.


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