“Tech company proposes edible drone to solve world hunger”

Theverge.com – Mar 2017 – Global |

A British company has developed a ground-breaking drone prototype.

The unmanned ‘Pouncer’ is gaining a lot of coverage in the technology world due to its unique and novel design. Windhorse Aerospace’s nine foot wingspan drone will be entirely constructed with “foodstuff” or edible materials.

Honeycomb, compressed vegetables and salami are all possible resources being considered in the design.

Although the prototype may sound like a bit of a publicity stunt, there is sounds science and motivation behind the project. The team hope that the drone may help in solving a key humanitarian crisis, being food sources and availability. The drone could not only be used to drop supplies in the most needed areas, but then can also be ‘recycled’ itself, acting as a high-tech meal for those in need.

To read the article and commentary in full, follow the reference title above.



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