“We have some good news on the California Drought. Take a look”

Nytimes.com – Mar 2017 – US |

California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range is not only aesthetically stunning, but it also crucial for fresh water supplies in the area.

Snow melt during the spring and summer recharges California’s lakes and rivers, allowing for water intensive activities. Crops can be irrigated and drinking water supplies can be recharged for the growing population.

In recent years, the area has seen increasing drought periods owing to reduced levels of precipitation and snow formation in the mountain range. This year, however, has been surprisingly positive, as found research funded through a NASA programme.

2017’s winter snow blanket is surprisingly thick and expansive. Areas that have in recent years remained uncovered during snow-fall months, are once more submerged in ice and snow.

It may be too early to start rejoicing and considering drought as a thing of the past for California. There will always be water pressure in the region owing to the large population, harsh climate, and relatively low levels of naturally occurring water. However, with increasing action and regulations being undertaken globally to reduce green house gas emissions and climate change, may this be an indicator of years to come?

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