Kids rejoice as 45,000 Easter eggs drop from the sky – Canada – April 2017 |

As the thrumming of helicopter blades come into earshot, over 3,000 families turn their heads to the skies in preparation. The mood is tense as murmurs move throughout the bustling crowds.

But this is no ordinary helicopter. Upon reaching the crowd, over 45,000 plastic eggs are dropped from the aircraft, sending well over 100,000 pieces of chocolate tumbling to the ground and kids panicking in hot-pursuit.

The event, organised by #weheartOttawa, was developed as a way of giving back to their local community and bringing families and friends together. After an unsuccessful attempt in 2016, 2017’s drop went off without a hitch, with the event now penciled in to calendars for years to come.

To read more about the story, and view images, follow the reference title above.



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