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US Mayors and Governors united in keeping with the Paris Accord – June 2017 – USA |

In a recent press meeting, Trump has confirmed that he will be taking the USA out of the Paris accord, a global agreement on reducing emissions and limiting climate change.


This news has quite rightly been met by large amounts of opposition and outcry from fellow Politicians, who can clearly see the benefits on both national and international scales of adhering to the treaty.


In spite of Trump’s stupidity, a number of Mayors and Governors have confirmed they will be keeping to the treaty, and honor the goals to reduce global warming.


It will be interesting to see how this rift will affect American politics. It is clear that Trump has made a number of controversial decisions in relation the environment in his short tenure. Will this come back to bite him in the not see distant future?


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Accidental hero halts ransomware attack and couldn’t be more pleased РMay 2017 РUK and US |

Many were concerned after a complex ransomware attack was seen to be spreading around a number of important systems, including FedEx, Telefonica and the NHS.

The un-named hero saw the attacks being reported about in the news, before deciding to take action and try and decipher the code behind it. Through his efforts, he was able to find a kill switch written into the malware, incase the creator wanted to halt its spread.

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Homeless man moves into a house after 33 years outside – May 2017 – New Zealand |

A New Zealand has had his first shower in more than a decade, after recently moving into a house after 33 years of homelessness.

He is now getting used to enjoying some of the luxuries that many of us take for granted, such as the ability to sleep in a bed and make hot food.

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Futuristic solution to the Pacific Garbage patch ready for action | May 2017 | Global |

Ocean pollution in the form of plastics is one of the greatest threats to environmental health that our planet faces at present. Year on year, increasing amounts of plastic are being dumped into our oceans, negatively affecting delicate ecosystems and environmental phenomena. As part of this, the ‘great pacific garbage patch’ has developed, a collection of various types of pollutants and plastics, being brought together by major ocean currents.

To deal with this issue, The Ocean Cleanup, a dutch foundation, have developed a novel system for collecting and basically harvesting the tonnes upon tonnes of plastic debris in our seas. They system works by using floating 50, 0.6 mile length screens anchored to the ocean floor, to capture and trap debris and moved by the currents.

A statement from the organizations leader, Boyan Slat, said that they expected the system to be able to clean up half of the massive garbage patch in 5 years, at a relatively low cost (in comparison to other and earlier designs).

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