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Homeless man moves into a house after 33 years outside – May 2017 – New Zealand |

A New Zealand has had his first shower in more than a decade, after recently moving into a house after 33 years of homelessness.

He is now getting used to enjoying some of the luxuries that many of us take for granted, such as the ability to sleep in a bed and make hot food.

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Living the hygge life: How Denmark has become such a happy place – Denmark – April 2017 |

Hygge is thought to be an illusive concoction of togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence, comfort, and any descriptive word you can think of that promotes positivity in life. The secret to this happiness however is not actually centered around a particular lifestyle, but rather, the home.

Hygge in its essence is the pursuit of everyday happiness. It is focusing on the smaller things, and taking the joy out of life in anyway possible. A large part of this, is ensuring that the places we live are as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

How many of us when looking for a new home are greeted with a blank, white box house with municipal carpeting? Although the space is clean and fresh for re-purposing, homes in this design have lost their souls.

Hygge focuses on incorporating design into buildings that can allow us to lead lives that we want. Large tables for those who like to host, snug corners for the reader’s among us, and natural colouring and decor for those who want to bring nature indoors.

In essence the idea seems to boil down to designing a space that is fit for living, rather than fit for purpose. It promotes, creativity, friendship and relaxation.

Many of the design ideas for incorporating hygge into your home are low cost and easy to do.

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“Food Not Bombs: Dumpster divers use food to build community in inner Brisbane” – Mar 2017 – Australia |

A group of Australian food warriors are taking to Brisbane’s bins in the fight against food waste.

It is no secret that huge amounts of food are thrown out by supermarkets on a weekly basis as ‘use-by’ and ‘sell-by’ dates are met. Although the packaging may now define the food as inedible, a growing global movement known as ‘Food not bombs’ is challenging this assumption.

In Brisbane’s faction of the group, young men and women meet on Friday evenings to carry out their rescue missions. They do not seek permits or allowance from the supermarkets to carry out their work, they rely on speed and cunning to be in and out before their presence is noted. The food they are able to recover is then turned into meals for the hungry and needy.

The group hopes that their actions will cause a much bigger stir within society, outside of food waste. They are about promoting a new way of thinking about our lives and communities, and the way we engage with food. For them, food is much more that just something you eat. It is an opportunity to build friendships, learn new skills and create memories.

Is this something  you would consider doing, or have already done? Is this something we should be celebrating?

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“Americans now drink more bottled water than soda” – Mar 2017 – US |

A recent study of the US drinks market has found that Americans are now drinking more bottled water than sugared drinks.

Although water is available freely through taps in the US, since the 1970’s bottled water has been steadily increasing in popularity.

The growth in bottled-water has accelerated in recent years amid increasing awareness and concerns of health risks related to sugary drinks.

Bottled water consumption reached 39.3 gallon per capita in the US last year, with soda consumption reaching a figure of 38.5 gallons. Although the soda drinks market still had a higher revenue, it is good to see a growing turn away from high-sugar drinks.

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