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Homeless man moves into a house after 33 years outside – May 2017 – New Zealand |

A New Zealand has had his first shower in more than a decade, after recently moving into a house after 33 years of homelessness.

He is now getting used to enjoying some of the luxuries that many of us take for granted, such as the ability to sleep in a bed and make hot food.

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1st woman to officially run Boston Marathon does it again, 50 years later – America – April 2017 |

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially enter and complete the Boston marathon. Now, 50 years later, she returned to compete at the event wearing her iconic 261 bib. The number has become so important that marathon organizers retired the bib in Switzer’s honor, on completion of this year’s race.

Switzer’s initial entry to the Boston marathon was un-heard of, and controversial at the time. Although there were no specific rules stating that woman could not compete, high-performance sports were a male-dominated arena, and that was the cultural norm.

Switzer however changed this, and in the face of physical and verbal abuse, completed the marathon in four hours and twenty minutes. This led the way for woman in sport, helping more individuals engage and compete in a variety of events, at the highest levels.

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Kids rejoice as 45,000 Easter eggs drop from the sky – Canada – April 2017 |

As the thrumming of helicopter blades come into earshot, over 3,000 families turn their heads to the skies in preparation. The mood is tense as murmurs move throughout the bustling crowds.

But this is no ordinary helicopter. Upon reaching the crowd, over 45,000 plastic eggs are dropped from the aircraft, sending well over 100,000 pieces of chocolate tumbling to the ground and kids panicking in hot-pursuit.

The event, organised by #weheartOttawa, was developed as a way of giving back to their local community and bringing families and friends together. After an unsuccessful attempt in 2016, 2017’s drop went off without a hitch, with the event now penciled in to calendars for years to come.

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Living the hygge life: How Denmark has become such a happy place – Denmark – April 2017 |

Hygge is thought to be an illusive concoction of togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence, comfort, and any descriptive word you can think of that promotes positivity in life. The secret to this happiness however is not actually centered around a particular lifestyle, but rather, the home.

Hygge in its essence is the pursuit of everyday happiness. It is focusing on the smaller things, and taking the joy out of life in anyway possible. A large part of this, is ensuring that the places we live are as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

How many of us when looking for a new home are greeted with a blank, white box house with municipal carpeting? Although the space is clean and fresh for re-purposing, homes in this design have lost their souls.

Hygge focuses on incorporating design into buildings that can allow us to lead lives that we want. Large tables for those who like to host, snug corners for the reader’s among us, and natural colouring and decor for those who want to bring nature indoors.

In essence the idea seems to boil down to designing a space that is fit for living, rather than fit for purpose. It promotes, creativity, friendship and relaxation.

Many of the design ideas for incorporating hygge into your home are low cost and easy to do.

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